Should you pay Instagram influencers to market your products?

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Paying Instagram influencers is the new currency in town. Crytocurrency might be the new word on the street however Instagram influencers are swimming in cash, as brands rush to give them bundles of money.

If you are trying to grow your small business, you might ask yourself if you should pay influencers any money. The first thing you should know is influencers these days see what they do as their job. Their lifestyle has become a job and most people need to be paid for the work that they do.

You should pay Instagram influencers if you fit into the following categories:

  • You have a successful business
  • Your business targets consumers in the lifestyle space such as fashion, beauty, food and travel
  • You want to increase online sales

You shouldn’t pay Instagram influencers if:

  • You’ve just started your business recently
  • You don’t have a marketing budget

Instagram influencers come in different shapes and sizes. Some influencers are known as converters – this means they truly generate traffic that converts into cold hard cash. Others are brand builders that generate attention not necessarily sales for your business.

What decision are you going to make for your small business? 

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