How to start selling an extra $100+ per day on your e-commerce website

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If you want to grow your e-commerce sales, you need to be serious about what you are not doing that is leading to a lack of sales. Take a look at some of the reasons your sales might be struggling:

  • Bad product selection
  • Weak and uninspired marketing
  • Selling products that no one wants to purchase

If you want to increase your daily sales on your e-commerce website by $100, you need to follow these top tips now in order to see results. Do them and then tell us if they have worked for you:

  1. Create a branded Twitter account just for daily offers: Encouraging people to purchase products is difficult in the crowded e-commerce space. By offering your customers the chance to get daily offers that are curated by you, there will eventually be a follower who will convert into a buyer. If you do this for 7 days, you should be able to get 150 followers. If you can convert 1.5% of your daily total, this means you will have 2 new purchasing customers who you can direct to buy products that are $50+. This will make you leave your total. You need to get creative in order to increase daily sales.
  2. Create a ‘VIP Shopping’ day: If you need to see an extra $100 in sales tomorrow, create a VIP shopping day where everyone who visits the website and purchases will receive a VIP membership card if they spend more than $80+.
  3. Ask existing customers to purchase today: Boosting your sales requires you to think outside of the box when it comes to getting customers. Don’t just rely on a quick email blast. Write personal messages to your best customers thanking them for their service and asking if they would like to purchase again today? To encourage the sales to clear today, you could tell them if they buy today, they will receive free delivery.
  4. Post aspirational pictures that encourage sales: You should create aspirational pictures that encourage people to purchase products if you want to see results. Product photographs are old-fashioned. People want to see lifestyle images of the product in action before they make a decision about what they want to purchase. Take a look below at the kind of aspirational image that would suit a jewellery entrepreneur:


{Image Source}

As you can see from these top tips, adding an extra $100 every day requires a bit of work but it isn’t impossible. This could generate more than $2,000+ in extra revenue if you did this on weekdays only.

Are you ready to boost your daily e-commerce sales? Try our tips today and let us know which ones worked for you. Click here to sign up to our email newsletter for more amazing tips and guides.

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