Pinterest Analytics Case Study – How we went from 8,000 views to 14,700 views in 2 months with just 1 hour per day on Pinterest

Pinterest Analytics Case Study – How we went from 8,000 views to 14,700 views in 2 months with just 1 hour per day on Pinterest

Analytics on Pinterest is a fascinating treasure trove full of data and information about how your Pinterest account is doing. My lifestyle Pinterest account is called @HayaGlamazon. This is the profile account that will be showcased in this case study to show you how to increase your Pinterest views. Take a look at the monthly viewers before that currently stands at 14,700:

Pinterest 1

How did I go from 8,000 monthly views to 14,700 views in 2 months?

  • I became serious about Pinterest

My reach on Pinterest in terms of followers is low – it stands at 129 Pinterest followers, most of whom follow my fashion board called Fashion Cocktail. However, with just 129 followers, I have received 14,700 monthly views. My engagement from my followers and general Pinterest users who do not follow me is quite high and it goes to show that follower count is not necessarily the smoking gun that we think it will be. Engagement and how you reach people matters on Pinterest more than follower count.

I changed my approach to Pinterest and started dedicating more time on Pinterest so I can see results. I told myself to spend at least an hour everyday on Pinterest, updating my boards, repining images that I liked, leaving notes on other pinners’ images and finding new pinners to follow.

I decided to focus on the topics I am most passionate about which are fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and sunglasses. I found it was easier to pin about whatever of these main 4 topics inspired me instead of doing it in a rigid schedule.

I think spending one hour on Pinterest is a good way to begin to increase saves, followers and engagement. You can spread it out to 30 minutes before work and 30 minutes after work, for example.

  • I learned how to engage for Pinterest

To be honest, marketers need to get real about the people who follow the brands that they serve. There are two types of followers in my book for Pinterest:

  • A true follower: This is someone who has wilfully pressed the follow button and wants to know what your brand or company gets up to on Pinterest
  • An engager: I believe this is where marketing is heading in terms of fans and followers. This person is not a follower since they haven’t decided to follow you but they have seen your content on social media and they have decided to engage with you. Pinterest is full of engagers who like, save images from your account to theirs, but they have not followed you. Increasing engagers is critical to create a brand that connects with people. Engagers can be turned into followers later.

The early adopters of Pinterest are the ones who have the most followers, however you can catch a lot of engagers if you create a strategy that works for your brand or profile. In my analytics, I discovered that the majority of my followers are from the US & Asia. I was surprised to see no European countries in my top 10 at all. See below:

Pinterest 2

In looking at these statistics, it is clear that I need to choose images that will appeal to US and Asian audiences, in addition, I need to target people in New York, Hong Kong, LA and San Francisco better as this is where the growth for my Pinterest account is.

To further grow my engagement audience and views, I can make an effort to repin images where audiences in these cities can purchase the products easily, for example.

I believe increasing views for Pinterest means you need to focus on the content that works and focus on the locations that want to see your pins. It does not make sense for me to focus on repining for Johannesburg or Paris because my analytics are showing me that people in Hong Kong and the US are more interested in what I have to show them.

  • Optimise for mobile

Pinterest 3

Mobile is becoming an increasingly important on Pinterest which means you need to take it seriously. In my analytics, I get 4,676 monthly viewers who look at my images from their iPhone. This means that I should be considering higher resolution pictures more in order to connect with iPhone users so that they can look at the pictures better while I only have 681 monthly iPad viewers and 2,500+ monthly Android phone users. It is clear that iPhone reigns supreme for me, so I need to be more cognizant of iPhone Pinterest users so that I can increase engagement and views per month.

I think pinning from my phone has also helped to increase engagement because I can pin on the go and not necessarily on my desktop. I think pinning from your phone is a good idea if you live a busy life and it will help you squeeze in your one hour of Pinterest per day without creating excuses.

  • Choose 3 topics you are passionate about and build from there

Some pinners have many boards, others have few and prefer to focus on fewer boards. With Haya Glamazon, I wanted to showcase my passion for lifestyle which includes many things from fashion and makeup. However, my passion is fired up for fashion, eyewear, makeup and hair, so invariably when it is time for me to pin, I will always check on these topics first. If you are trying to build a lifestyle brand, it is a good idea to create niche boards that have a lot of variety.

An example of a niche that is working exceptionally well for fashion & beauty is lipsticks and lip products in general on Pinterest. My top performing pins are all from my lipstick board on Pinterest where the majority of my views and saves come from.

Instead of creating a board called Beauty, create niche boards that will allow you to have better engagement.

  • Use a scheduler if you are busy

Tailwind is a good tool if you are trying to build your Pinterest account into something special. There is a free plan and a paid plan. I like the idea of using Tailwind because it saves a lot of time, however, I also like live pinning because it feels more organic by pinning based on what you see while you are exploring Pinterest.

Live pinning was responsible from all of the growth of my monthly Pinterest views from 8,000 to 14,700 per month. I prefer live pinning but I know how to operate in a schedule so I believe this is why it works for me.

Increasing Pinterest views requires a strategy

You need to create a solid strategy that works for you and your brands or niches. 1 hour of live pinning mixed with a focus on my main 4 passion niches helped to supercharge views from 8,000 views to 14,700 per month. I know I can get to 20,000 and 25,000 Pinterest views per month if I increase focus and continue to inspire Pinterest audiences and followers.  The goal for the growth of my Pinterest account is for an upcoming fashion blog I will be launching so it has been heartening to see it grow.

How are you going to increase your Pinterest views? Do you plan to leverage your Pinterest views into sales or to increase brand awareness?

Contact me for my tips and advice you need to grow your Pinterest views.

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